Upcoming Courses

Blue Sky Mind (Mindspace+)

April – June 2021

Mindful Meditations to inspire and transcend.

Mindful (Beginners)

April – June 2021

Enjoy the benefits of Mindful Meditation.

For Individuals

Get started with the mini-mindful course (see below), progress to the beginners Mindful course and then explore the Mindspace+ courses. 121 sessions also available.

For Teams

Mindful team sessions are offered both live and self paced; online or in-house, introducing your workplace to the great benefits of mindful meditation.

For Kids

The Meditation is Schools project was set up over ten years ago to bring mindful meditation to children across the world, find out more here.

Mindful Teams
New online training.

Empowering teams to use mindfulness to improve focus, resilience,
and clarity. Via livestream or self-paced.

Public Retreats

Discover the upcoming retreats that you can attend in public.

Online Retreats

Deeper meditation, together at home – discover mindspace.


Read your way to inner peace with a growing selections of books. 


Join a supportive group online and establish the meditation habit.


New Book & Course

Metta (Mindspace+ with new book)

starts: wednesday september 15th

Loving-Kindness Meditations to transform relationships


Get Started in 8 Days


Class Formats


Guided Meditations

Be gently guided into a space of peace and calm



Share your experience with like-minded practitioners


Inspirational Teachings

Feel inspired to navigate through these challenging times


Follow up resources

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