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Update: April 26th, 2024:

There are currently 18 attendees for the full retreat. If you definitely would like to attend for the three days please get in touch and I can request the convent to open an extra room for you, this entire process from request to your booking will usually take approximately 24hrs. Please see costings below.

 Alternatively you can join another booking option and stay in a nearby hotel or come as day visitor.

Everyone is welcome, to come and enjoy a Silent Retreat in the Surrey Hills.  You can choose between a residential stay, or a one day or two day visit (with cooked lunch). The choice is yours; either way you can be guaranteed a peaceful experience and full silence throughout your retreat. 

After many requests for a residential, silent meditation retreat, the search is over and the time has finally arrived – you’ll be pleased to know the perfect venue has appeared! A site, far from the madding crowd, that has been used for prayer since the 7th Century. The Franciscan Centre where your retreat will take place is situated on the grounds of Ladywell Convent in Guildford, Surrey. A place designed for quiet, rest, stillness and reflection. Your stay will be carefully designed for a deep and profound experience of Meditation, within a historical venue that has just recently updated and modernised all its facilities. Don’t expect a TV with Netflix but enough comfort so your stay will be restful and memorable. Oh did I mention the delicious food, read on below to find out more about that, but first let’s talk about the retreat itself.

In full this will be a three day silent meditation retreat where you can disconnect from the stress of daily life, find your inner peace and gain confidence in your meditation practice.   


Welcome to The Franciscan Centre.

Find your Inner Peace

Three-Day Meditation Retreat  
Monday 2nd September – Wednesday 4th September, 2024

A Silent Meditation Journey

This silent meditation retreat will give the opportunity to experience inner peace. When the mind is peaceful we naturally experience happiness, contentment and a sense of wellbeing. The stress and worry in our life pacify and we find a stillness within. Meditation gives us this opportunity. However for most us we don’t get to experience the benefits of meditation due to our busy, distracted lives. This silent retreat will provide the perfect conditions for you to access the inner peace within. Upon returning home you will bring with you a sense of happiness and contentment and an empowered mind giving you confidence to continue with your practice of Meditation. The retreat in this tranquil location is suitable for those who wish to try a Silent Retreat for the first time or for those with some experience of Meditation. Perhaps you have attended a class or downloaded an app and wish to go deeper. This is your chance. There are not many opportunities like this. Located close to London come down for the three days or pop in for the day. It will be in complete silence with no talking between attendees at any time. It’s also your chance to disconnect from the internet and give yourself permission to enjoy a digital detox. There will however be spoken guidance during the session to direct you to the experience. In the Meditation session there will also be enough silence to allow you to go deeper. See timetable below.

Suitable for all abilities, but if you are a beginner, you will be sent some meditations to practice leading up to the retreat. This will help you get the most out of the experience.


Monday 2nd December
Arrival from 4pm
Supper at 6pm
Introduction with Meditation at 7pm

Tuesday 3rd September – Blue Sky Mind
6.40am – 7.30am: Unguided Session
Silent Breakfast from 7.30am-8.15am
9.00am – 9.50am: Session 
10.10am – 11.00am: Session 
11.20am – 12.10pm: Session 
Silent Lunch 12.30pm-1.00pm:
13.45pm-14.35pm: Session 
15.00pm-15.50pm: Session 
5pm-5.50pm: Session
Dinner – 6.00pm
8.30pm: Unguided Session Candlelit Meditation 

Wednesday 4th September – Ocean Waves
6.40am – 7.30am: Unguided Session
Silent Breakfast from 7.30am-8.15am
9.00am – 9.50am: Session 
10.10am – 10.50am: Session 
11.10am – 12pm: Session 
Silent Lunch 12.30pm-1.00pm:
13.45pm-14.35pm: Session 
15.00pm-15.50pm: Session

Departure at 4pm


Booking Options

There are four booking options

Three Days / Two Nights

All Retreat Sessions

Two Nights Accommodation

Single Room with En-Suite

Dinner on Monday Evening

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on Tuesday 

Breakfast and Lunch on Wednesday

Unlimited Refreshments


Views of convent gardens.

All are a comfortable size with a desk and chair, comfortable lounge chairs and fully fitted wardrobes. Towels and linen are provided..

• Shower
Hot Water

Tuesday and Wednesday

Retreat from 10am- 4pm on Tuesday and Wednesday
Lunch on Tuesday & Wednesday
Unlimited Refreshments
No Accommodation

Come for two day and enjoy the retreat and a cooked lunch each day.

Unlimted refreshments and access to the grounds, relaxation areas and meditation room.


Retreat from 10am- 4pm on Tuesday
Lunch on Tuesday 
Unlimited Refreshments
No Overnight Accommodation

Come for Tuesday and enjoy the retreat and a cooked lunch.

Unlimited Refreshments
Access to grounds and relaxation areas
Use of Meditation room

Free toiletries
Bath or shower
Toilet paper


Retreat from 10am- 4pm on Wednesday
Lunch on Wednesday 
Unlimited Refreshments
No Overnight Accommodation

Silent Retreat


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with your host Adam Dacey

Founder of Mindspace

Travel Tips


If you would like to buddy up, find a travel companion, and discover routes that other attendees are taking, consider joining the Surrey WhatsApp group. Please send a text to 07908950871 and I can add your details.

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Franciscan Centre
Ashstead Lane,

Cancellation Policy for the Ladywell Silent Retreats, including both residential, two day and one day options.

With this particular retreat due to the financial contractual agreement that has been made with the convent, if your place can be taken by another person on the waiting list after your cancellation, you will receive a full refund with no administrative fee; if your place cannot be taken, no refund will be eligible. This applies to whenever you made the booking.