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Guide to the Mindful Way of Life (2018)
The Guide introduces eight mindful themes which encourage you gently into the present moment. Helping you move away from the stress and anxiety which arise from being preoccupied with the future and past, and empowering you to have an inspirational journey through life.

Guide to the Grateful Way of Life (2019)
Now is the time to pause, mindfully breathe, and journey deep into the uplifting world of happiness. Through gently following the daily practices presented in this text, step-by-step, you will discover how to water, grow, nourish, and increase the precious mind of gratitude. Discover how your mind of gratitude can function as a stable and deep source of happiness.

Find your Zen (2020)
Although we may not hear news of it, every moment there are many people across our planet engaged in peaceful and positive actions. Through establishing our Zen practice, we confidently become one of them and have a life which will influence and shape a more meaningful world for everyone to enjoy.

Learn to Fly (2021)
With stories and guided Meditations; discover how to relax, let go, move on, and learn to fly.

Today its Sunny (2022)
Stories from Nepal with accompanying guided meditations helping us to reduce fear and increase happiness.



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