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These retreats take place online through live-stream.  You will receive a link that will take you to the web page where you can take the live class. You will also receive audio resources after the retreat.


Upcoming Retreats

Lamrim Retreat

From: £10.00

A Six Month Online Meditation Retreat

£10.00 / month for 6 months


Sunday April 7th:
The Golden Ticket
Appreciating Our Precious Human Life
This session will guide us to appreciate the great value, preciousness, and rarity of this present human life. We’ll inspire ourselves to take the essence of the time we have left to follow the stages of the path and attain full enlightenment within this one short life.

Sunday May 5th
The Play of Impermanence
Death & Impermanence
We’ll reflect on the impermanent nature of our life, how we can become flexible and go with the flow of the changes that occur. Instead of fighting circumstances, we’ll embrace them and use the play of impermanence to our advantage to inspire authentic spiritual change in our life.

Sunday June 2nd
Guarding the Mind
Exploring Past and Future Lives
Understanding the mind and how it has the power to govern where we go and what we experience. A fascinating and thought-inducing session!

Sunday July 7th
Protection from Negativity
Refuge in the Three Jewels
How we can find protection from all negativity within our mind and move forward into an experience of happiness.

Sunday August 4th
Understanding Cause and Effect
Exploring Karma
Appreciate the power that our actions have and how we can empower ourselves and others with a positive mindset.

Sunday September 1st
The Path to Liberation
Identifying the mental pathways that lead to an experience of Nirvana.


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Arising in your life


Ability to recharge and decompress

Increase Focus

Increase the ability to calmly abide

Reduce Stress

Quickly releasing stress in body & mind

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Stepping back from negative thoughts & emotions

Better Sleep

Enjoy sleeping deeply and calmly

Improve Relationships

A growth in loving kindness

Meet Your Teacher

Adam Dacey

Adam Dacey

Meditation Teacher

 Former Buddhist monk with twenty-six years experience of teaching and practicing, and author of three books. Find out more here.


Reviews from Retreats

Really enjoyed the day – much food for thought, starting with the easy steps of being grateful for the sliver of perfect blue sky I can see from my office window today!

A beautiful, peaceful day, spending time going deep within.


During the day I cultivated a feeling of contentment, a sort of inner home that I had never felt before. I was able to focus on my experience moment by moment. I found beauty within and without.


I really enjoyed the day, very beneficial. And will definitely come to another one. 

Space to focus and deepen and time to focus and deepen my meditation and time to be myself, it was liberating.


Adam is very down to earth and accepting of the pressures we all face in modern society. There’s no suggestion that we need to opt out but that we can find a peaceful space within us, despite the chaos and information overload of the outside world. He introduces simple techniques and realistic targets to help you start experiencing your life in a fuller way.


Good to have some space in my head. Cant believe how quickly time has passed. Relaxing and enjoyable.


I’m so please I have done it, lots of things to think about and develop.


Guidance with Adam brings his powerful insight coupled with his distinctive sense of humour.


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A Pure Mind


A Six Month Online Meditation Retreat



Sunday, April 2nd – Letting Go of Past Negativity – Recording Available
How we purify negativity from our mind using the mantra of purification.

Sunday, May 7th – A Pure Intention – Recording Available
Using visualization in meditation to cultivate, develop, and increase a pure mind.

Sunday, June 4th – Pure Potential – Recording Available
Moving on from past negativity through purifying the negative actions we’ve engaged in.

Sunday, July 2nd – A Pure Heart – Recording Available
Strengthening our purification with the supreme intention of compassion.

Sunday, August 6th – Pure Nature
In deep meditation, once we’ve purified the negativity in our mind, we can begin to connect with our pure nature.

Sunday, September 3rd – A Pure World
If our mind is pure, our intention will be pure, all our actions will become pure, resulting in us living in a pure world free from negativity.

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