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November 11th, 2021, sees the launch of Mindspace in Prisons with twenty-two sponsored copies of Guide to the Mindful Way of Life, delivered to Oakwood Prison in Wolverhampton.

How it Works?

Mindspace in Prisons starts with prisoners reading the book ‘Guide to the Mindful Way of Life’. The book is designed so the reader can self-guide through the mindfulness exercises presented and learn to take care of their mental health. This unique format enables authentic experience to arise while reading, and releases the dependancy on an external trainer or a teacher.

The Book

The text reveals eight mindful themes which empowers prisoners to live in the present moment. Through integrating the instructions with their daily activities, they will be able to develop the confidence needed to establish a mindful meditation practice, and consequently, enjoy all the mental health benefits from the training.

The eight mindful themes are:

Mindful Listening – Introduction to Mindfulness and Improving Attention
Mindful Body – Learning to Live in the Moment and Increase Flow
Mindful Breathing – Discovering Meditations to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Mindful Mind – Developing Emotional Intelligence and Stillness
Mindful Movement – Establishing a Flowing Mindfulness Practice
Mindful Eating – A Tasty Session, Using Mindful Eating Exercises
Mindful Sleep – How to Fall Asleep Peacefully and Wake up with Positivity
Mindful Heart – Improving our Relationships with Mindfulness

Follow Up

Following time spent with the book, there will be the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion along with the chance for in-person training based on the text to clarify the practices. This live training will encourage a more profound experience of the subject matter.

Prison Connection

To bring this to your prison, please get in touch to discuss opportunities.

If you work within a prison or know anyone currently in prison and would like them to benefit from this service, please also feel free to get in touch.


If you would like to get involved, please considering sponsoring copies of Guide to the Mindful Way of Life below. Your sponsored book/s will be given to prisoners; helping them learn to take care of their mental health and contribute greatly to their personal development.

Sponsor – Guide to the Mindful Way of Life


Sponsor a copy, or copies, of Guide to the Mindful Way of Life. If you would like to add a message and your name inside the book, please let us know in the notes section of your order.