A Five Minute Guided Meditation taken from Guide to the Peaceful Way of Life online Mindspace+ course.

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Tilopa said to Naropa

“Letting go of what has passed
Letting go of what may come
Letting go of what is happening now
Not trying to work anything out
Not trying to make anything happen
Relaxing right now and resting”

We take our time setting into the present moment.
Becoming aware of where we are.
The sounds around us.
The sensations in our body.
The movement in our body from our breathing.
Allow your body to open and straighten as you breathe in.
Taking full and complete breaths.
The breath guiding you into the moment and helping you to let go of any pressure and tension as you breathe out.
Start to notice the activity of your mind – your thoughts.
Investigate the activity of our mind. Not trying to control.
Gaining insight.
Notice how the mind thinks about what is going to happen in the future – let these thoughts go, be present.
Notice how your mind rememberers conversations activities, let these go by just resting in the here and now.
Notice how your mind holds onto what is happening right now, perhaps trying to meditation, trying to relax, but applying tension. Let this go and just settle into the here and now.
Not trying to think too much or work out what is happening, just resting right now and relaxing.
Gradually bring your meditation to a close and try to carry your practice into your daily life.

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