Mindfulness Meditation Courses in the West Midlands

Covid-19 Update - April 6th

I hope that you're well, both physically and mentally, and coming to terms with the temporary change in external circumstances. 

The new Spring/Summer term will take place online; this includes all the weekly classes and retreats. There will be a link sent to you each week where you can access the live video stream to the class.

The Mindful beginners sessions will be streamed live on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm starting from April 21st for eight weeks. Information and booking here.

The Mindspace+ course will be streamed live on Wednesdays starting from April 22nd for eight weeks. Information and booking here.

If you cannot always make the live session, the video recording and audio from the session will be sent to you each week, so you can practice whenever you are free.

Everyone is sharing this current experience. With a positive mental attitude, we can move forward, and use this time to cultivate minds of gratitude, compassion, and peace.

Over the years, I have led many online sessions with practitioners from across the world, with a little planning and organisation, they can work very well. There are advantages for you; in that, it is less time spent in the evening, you log on a few minutes before, no need to travel, think about parking and potentially rushing home after the class, and no extra distractions from the noise of practising in a public place. These points mean the hour experience can be more relaxing, and you can go deeper into your practice.

If you live in a busy household, you can explain to your family members that you are spending this hour taking a class and request that you are not disturbed. If this is impossible for some reason at the time of the live course, you can revisit the session via recording whenever you have a free hour. Alternatively, take the class in two half-hour sittings.

I encourage you to prepare the space at home that you are going to be practising in, try to clear and clean the area of any distractions before the live session, and try to log on a few minutes before.

The process of connecting to and accessing the class is straightforward, the only thing required from your side is an internet connection. If you need any assistance with getting set up, please get in touch. Leading up to the live session, I will send out further instructions of this process.

I wish you mental strength and peace during this time, send my best thoughts to your family and network, and hope that your able to join me for this new series of classes.

Warm wishes


Please visit this update page to provide more information and booking for the live webstream classes.

Explore how to increase focus, develop emotional intelligence, manage stress and sleep well, through training in Mindful Meditation.  Led by Adam Dacey who has a rich experience in teaching and practising meditation.  Each session will include: guided meditations, teaching, discussion, and questions. Booking for a love one? Let us know during the booking process, and we can send you or them a special e-card for the occasion!

Week 1: Mindful Listening: Introduction to mindful meditation.
Week 2: Mindful Body: Learning to live in the moment and increase focus.
Week 3: Mindful Breathing: Discover how to reduce stress and anxiety.
Week 4: Mindful Mind: Develop emotional intelligence and stillness.
Week 5: Mindful Movement: Establishing a dynamic practice.
Week 6: Mindful Eating: A tasty session, using mindful eating exercises.
Week 7: Mindful Sleep: How to fall asleep peacefully and wake up smiling.
Week 8: Mindful Heart: How mindfulness can improve our relationships.

Guided by Adam Dacey, founder of Mindspace. Author of two books and a former Buddhist monk with over twenty-five years of full-time international experience, practising and teaching mindful meditation.


  • Suitable for absolute beginners.
  • Sessions includes introduction, two guided practices, teaching & discussion.
  • No special clothing required and seating is on chairs.
  • Take the class online if you cannot make the live session, or attend on an alternative day.
  • Entire live course costs: £56 (or £50 for  online course only).
  • Course and book: £68 (or £63 for online course only with book).
  • Read the course-book before by having it sent to your home.
  • Please register and pay online by selecting your option from the tabs.
  • There is also a drop-in PAYG option: £9. Select Option 2 on the page of your chosen location.
  • Weekly online e-resources which includes a recording of the class with guided meditations, so that you can review the session during the week, or if you cannot make the live class, you can practice online at home.
  • A half-day Saturday retreat on 30th May is included. This retreat coincides with the term of your class. Giving you an opportunity to deepen your experience and meet like-minded people. Can't make the date, swap to another one that suits or enjoy the retreat online.
  • Advanced Mindspace+ course available once this series is completed.
  • Please get in touch to bring this training to your office or school
  • Term Dates for 2020

    Weekly on Tuesdays starting from 21st April 2020 for eight-weeks

    Week beginning 14th September 2020 for eight-weeks.

If you wish to attend the entire course choose one of the first two options, if you wish to attend individual classes choose the options starting with Mindful Listening. If you wish to take a live session note the date. The session can also be taken after the live session - you will receive a recording of the session.

Where: Online via a link sent to your email.
When: Every Tuesday starting from Tuesday 21st April at 7.30pm-8.30pm for eight weeks. If you miss the live date, you can join when you are able to and we can send you recordings of the session that you have missed.
Cost: Entire course: £56 (£1.95 booking fee) | with book + £10.99  (free delivery) or download book here on Amazon. Your booking also includes a half day online workshop on Saturday May 30th and audio resources to practice at home. 

Mindful – Booking Options