Mindful in Sutton

Eight-Week Beginners Course
Starting Tuesday May 21st, 2024

Welcome to the Mindful Beginners class in Sutton Coldfield

Dates 2024

Week beginning, May 21st, 2024 – bookings open below
Week beginning, September 22nd, 2024 – bookings open in June 2024′

Upcoming – All the essential information:

  • Tuesday, May 21st, 2024.
  • Bishop Vesey School (Room GF7, The Stem Block), Lichfield Rd, Sutton Coldfield, B74 2NH
  • 7.30-8.30pm.
  • £59.00 for the entire course.
  • £70.00 for the entire course with book.
  • Alternatively PAYG for £10 per session.


Each session will include; guided practices, teaching, paired discussion, Q&A.

Guided by Adam Dacey, founder of Mindspace. Author of five books and a former Buddhist monk with over twenty-six years of full-time international experience, practising and teaching mindful meditation.

All classes are suitable for beginners and take place on chairs. No need to wear any special clothing.

As part of your course, you will have access to online practices each week.

Grounded in a deep appreciation of the traditions of Mindful Meditation, Mindspace has no religious affiliations, the sessions are suitable for everyone.

Please note there is a book to accompany this course. If you would like to read it before your course starts we can send a copy to you. Find out more here. There is also an option to purchase when booking for the course, you can then collect on the opening night of your class.


An eight-week course exploring how to increase focus and reduce stress through training in Mindful Meditation.

Week 1: Mindful Listening: Introduction to mindful meditation.
Week 2: Mindful Body: Learning to live in the moment and increase focus.
Week 3: Mindful Breathing: Discover how to reduce stress and anxiety.
Week 4: Mindful Mind: Develop emotional intelligence and stillness.
Week 5: Mindful Movement: Establishing a dynamic practice.
Week 6: Mindful Eating: A tasty session, using mindful eating exercises.
Week 7: Mindful Sleep: How to fall asleep peacefully and wake up smiling.
Week 8: Mindful Heart: How mindfulness can improve our relationships.


There are three booking options for May 2024:
Option 1:
Book for the entire course (most popular).
Option 2: Pay-as-you-go. 
Option 3:
Enjoy a free place whilst helping with the class!

Option 1:

Secure your seat for the course, via PayPal below. £60.00 for the entire course.

Please note there is also an option to purchase the book to go with the course (£10.99) when you make your payment. Collect from reception on the opening night.

If you wish to read the book prior to the class then please order separately here and we will send it to your home address.

A place on the Half-Day Retreat in Kings Heath on June 15th (if you can’t make this date you are welcome to attend a future date).

Reserve your seat below.

Please add the name/s and emails of all attendees when you book.

Payment: May 2024:
Under payment options you can select how many people you wish to book on the course and whether you wish to include the book with your payment.

Book here for the upcoming eight-week Mindful course in Sutton Coldfield.

Mindspace in Sutton Coldfield


Book here for the upcoming eight-week Mindful course in Sutton Coldfield.



Option 2: Pay-As-You-Go:

  • Turn up at the class and pay with cash. £10.00 per session.
  • Please enter your details below if you choose this option.
  • This option does not include the retreat or online resources.
  • You’re welcome to book at the end of the first class if you would like to try a session.

Mindful in Sutton Coldfield – PAYG


Book here if you wish to try one of the sessions in Sutton Coldfield or attend on a PAYG basis.



This option is for those who wish to pay as they go, please let us know when booking which classes you wish to attend. Each class costs £10. This is also a good option if you wish to sample the sessions. If you like the class you are welcome to book for the entire course and use this PAYG payment against the full cost.



3) Free Place! Apply for a free place here

Directions and Map

Bishop Vesey School, Lichfield Rd, Sutton Coldfield, B74 2NH.
Plenty of parking inside the school car-park. Enter from Boswell Rd. The class takes place in the beautiful historic Activity Hall (sometimes called the Old Big School). Please download site-map if you wish to locate the position of the class within the school before attending. Room is labelled as Old Big School and you will be walking from the main car park. Walk from the main park under the link bridge, then turn left into the area labelled 1st Floor on the map (even though at this point you are still outside). Then walk towards the area between the Sixth Form Common Room and Class 9, here there will be an entrance to the venue. Please note there are several flights of stairs to climb to the venue which is on the first floor, there is no lift unfortunately. However, if you have any mobility issues, let us know. We can then arrange the caretaker to open up the car park nearer to the room for you.


Read reviews below from the course, read latest reviews here.

Great course with lots of food for thought. Very interesting seeing things from a different perspective.

Sonia (Nov 2019)

I enjoyed it. It made me relax and feel very peaceful and happy. Helping me to learn how to relax.

Ulayit (Nov 2019)

I really enjoyed the course, especially the mindful eating session. Overall I found the whole course very enjoyable.

Judith - (Nov 2019)

Found the course helpful and improved my concentration.

Beryl (Nov 2019)

Excellent. Felt very relaxed and positive after every session. The e-resources are very good. 

Deb (Nov 2019)

Good content. Good practice, methods and materials.

Angelina (Nov 2019)

Great. Very good.

Richard (Nov 2019)

Very good. I appreciated the gentle pace of the course.

Richard (Nov 2019)

I loved it. Found some great analogies I carry with me and throughout life. Brilliant techniques in the book too.

Daniel (Nov 2019)

Great couse. I found it hard to concentrate at times. I think with practice it would be great to apply it to everyday life.

Fouzia (Nov 2019)

Informative and interesting. Clear modelling of how to complete different mindful practices.

Kate (Nov 2019)

The course was very good. I particularly like the break out, chat, catch up sessions, where we spoke to each other on the course and formed bonds with one another.

Sara (Nov 2019)

Excellent really enjoyed it. Definitely will continue to the next course.

Georgina (Nov 2019)

Great course. Learned a lot over the weeks. Good that it is an hour as enough time to take in the information. Nice group of people, very comfortable environment.

Amy (Nov 2019)

Very good, Adam is an effective teacher. It helped having the online resources as well.

Helen (Nov 2019)

Fantastic! Brilliantly delivered. I loved Adams personality and humour, this really shone through. Learned a lot and will look at booking more 🙂

Wayne (Nov 2019)

It was good overall, enjoyed the sleeping exercise and the mindful eating week.

Yael (Nov 2019)

I thought it was very interesting. I learned quite a lot about how to relax and to absorb positive energy.

Zahra (Nov 2019)

I found the course very interesting and an insight. Very helpful given my personal situation.

Mark (Nov 2019)

Very enjoyable and useful. Information on relaxing and clearing your thoughts.

Chris (Nov 2019)

Really enjoyed doing this. Have tried lots of different meditation styles with little success. Have not been able to clear my mind. Adams approach has been so much better for me.

Amanda (Nov 2019)

This was a fantastic course.  I will definitely be back for future courses. I think the way that things were split up over weeks but built on each other, really help me to understand the concepts.

Polly (Nov 2019)