June 14 Day Challenge

  June 14 Day Challenge starting at 6am on June 1st! A guided meditation sent to your inbox each day for two weeks, establish the habit of a lifetime. http://14days.mindspace.org.uk 

Mindful Thought

Rest your mind in the present moment, free of distraction. #meditation

Mindfulness at the Law Society

Great turn out for our first session of Mindful four week beginners course with Adam Dacey @mindspaceuk. You can still book further sessions here https://t.co/tRwkFnwygk Thank you @StPhilsChambers for use of their rooms! pic.twitter.com/w13572ZDmP —...

Ten Minute Guided Meditation to Reduce Stress

Take a short break from your day and try this ten-minute meditation below  to help reduce stress. If you have enjoyed this why take an eight-week online course to deepen your...

A Positive Mind

‘This morning I am going to keep a positive mind for everyone.’ Then during the morning, we keep an eye on our intention, encouraging it to grow.