Ten Minute Guided Meditation to Reduce Stress

Take a short break from your day and try this ten-minute meditation below  to help reduce stress. If you have enjoyed this why take an eight-week online course to deepen your...

A Positive Mind

‘This morning I am going to keep a positive mind for everyone.’ Then during the morning, we keep an eye on our intention, encouraging it to grow.

Silent Mindful Meditation Retreat in Richmond-upon-Thames, London

Silent Meditation Retreat: Guide to the Mindful Way of Life –  November 9th, 2019 (20 places available) Experience a day of Mindspace in the beautiful Richmond-upon-Thames; a perfect place for a quiet retreat in London. Your silent retreat location is positioned on...

Mindspace News

Dear friends, Welcome to the Mindspace Spring/Summer Term! Happy British Summer Time & Happy Mothers Day. I hope that you are well and your practice is progressing. Get all the Mindspace News here.  

Mindspace Motivate #5

Today I will remember impermanence
Breathing in: ?
I remember my breath is temporary?
Breathing out: ?
I let go of my attachments