Guide to the Grateful Way of Life


Taking the natural next step from Guide to the Mindful Way of Life released last year, this new book offers a series of reflections and guided mindful meditations that will help you develop the uplifted and positive mind of gratitude. Released from week beginning September 16th for all those attending the new Mindspace+ course, general release on October 26th. If you wish to order the ebook version you can do so on Amazon.



Order your copy of Adams second book.

  • Collect from the reception at your local class on the night of the new Mindspace+ course.
  • Or have delivered to your home from October 26th, 2019. Books are shipped First Class, and are sent the day after your order.

The New Book: Guide to the Grateful Way of Life

Providing fifty-six different gratitude practices that you can use each day over eight weeks, enabling you to naturally and organically develop this precious mind within your mental continuum. Gratitude practice encourages and motivates you to seize every moment of your precious human life. Through following the daily practices as presented in the text, you will come to enjoy the stable mental attitude of gratitude throughout the day and night.

Chapters of the book

Grateful Meditations: Learning essential practices
Grateful-To-Go: Uplifting the mind
Grateful Breaths: Using our breath wisely
Grateful Seeds: Identifying with our potential
Grateful Eating: A delicious life
Grateful Relationships: Having meaningful interactions
Grateful Adversity: Cultivating mental strength
Grateful Future: Confidence and positive decisions

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You can collect your book from reception at your local class.


If you choose to have the book delivered to your house, then they will be shipped from the 15th October onwards. Allow 2-3 working days for purchase in the UK. For Europe, the USA, and Asia potentially seven or more days.

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