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This inspirational book offers a series of reflections and guided mindful meditations that will help you develop the uplifted and positive mind of gratitude.

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A self guided gratitude course offering fifty-six different practices that you can use each day over eight weeks, enabling you to naturally and organically develop this precious mind within your mental continuum. Gratitude practice encourages and motivates you to seize every moment of your precious human life. Through following the daily practices as presented in the text, you will come to enjoy the stable mental attitude of gratitude throughout the day and night.

Chapters of the book:

Grateful Meditations: Guided Gratitude Meditations
Grateful-To-Go: Uplifting the mind
Grateful Breaths: Using our breath wisely
Grateful Seeds: Identifying with our potential
Grateful Eating: A delicious life
Grateful Relationships: Having meaningful interactions
Grateful Adversity: Cultivating mental strength
Grateful Future: Confidence and positive decisions


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Guide to the Grateful Way of Life
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 5 reviews
 by Angela
This made me feel very positive

Adam steadily, gently, introduced various topics for me to consider in terms of gratitude. His fluid style makes each day's thought and meditation practice a pleasure to read. I was soon thinking 'Yes, it really is a wonderful world that I am fortunate to live in.' The chapter 'Grateful Adversity' was very helpful; with a positive, grateful mind, the problems become challenges that can be resolved and could be viewed as opportunities.
I am so glad to have found this book. Thank you very much, Adam.

 by Linda
I loved the book straight away

I loved the book straight away.This book seemed to make a difference on my outlook on my life. I thought this book helped me with managing my expectation of being happy as having depression “happy “is such a tall order which I fail to achieve on a daily basis and therefore feel a sense of failure. Gratitude is like little pieces of happy which are so much easier to obtain.Little bits of gratitude over the day start to feel a little bit like the “ happy “ I used to feel and has a positive effect on my mind. Having come to mindfulness for three years now I definitely feel that doing the course along with the book The guide to the grateful way of life has really shifted my mental mindset into a more positive place. I have tried numerous forms of treatments over the course of years.I can truly say that this book and the course has had a profound effect in a positive way and I am so excited to continue with my journey in mindfulness which goes some way to improving my mental wellness. Gratefulness in little bite size pieces is so manageable that it gives me a sense of achievement.Thank you Adam for this wonderful book on helping to remind me to be Grateful for the little things that I had forgotten to be grateful for as I was so busy trying to find” Happy” If you are struggling with mental health issues and are searching for a place that you can start to feel as if you are contributing to your positiveness in some way I would recommend this book .

 by elsa houghton
This book is a treasure .

A clear guide, well written. Adam frequently uses his own experiences from daily life to illuminate the huge benefits of applying gratitude to events & situations that we can all relate to. Opening this book , reading and using the contemplations & meditations is like opening a treasure chest that had been there all along , hidden, but in plain sight .

 by Tim
Brilliant book!

The daily mindful meditation practices and gratitude reflections helped me to practise mindfulness and gratitude nearly every day for 8 weeks. By the end I was feeling a lot better about myself, other people and the world, I'm still meditating and reflecting regularly. It's a simple but profound way of increasing happiness - well worth a go.

 by Pilar
Grateful way of life

I never buy self-taught books as I usually do not follow their advice after reading them. This book has showed me a different way of learning, and follow the advice provided. It was easier to follow the book in conjunction with Adam's classes. It helped me to build up a routine.

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