Welcome to Mindful – Online

Suitable for beginners with busy lives. One hour per week, for eight weeks. Learn to increase focus, develop emotional intelligence, and sleep better. Please note this booking is for the online course only.

Each week you will receive a one-hour class, including teaching and several guided meditations, which you can stream online, or download and practice offline. At the end of the course you will have complete access to the content and be eligible to apply for the Mindspace+ course. Please book your place via the PayPal button below. Any questions before you enrol, please do get in touch.

Each session will include, Guided Meditations, Teaching, Discussion and Questions. As part of your class, you will also have access to an extensive online resource of guided meditations and tutorials.

Week 1: Mindful Listening: Introduction to mindful meditation.
Week 2: Mindful Body: Learning to live in the moment and increase focus.
Week 3: Mindful Breathing: Discover how to reduce stress and anxiety.
Week 4: Mindful Mind: Develop emotional intelligence and stillness.
Week 5: Mindful Movement: Establishing a dynamic practice.
Week 6: Mindful Eating: A tasty session, using mindful eating exercises.
Week 7: Mindful Sleep: How to fall asleep peacefully and wake up smiling.
Week 8: Mindful Heart: How mindfulness can improve our relationships.

The cost of this course is £50 (convert to your currency here) and can be paid in one payment via PayPal below.

Each week on Wednesdays (7am GMT/ 11pm PST / 2am EST), from when you subscribe, you will receive an email with the content of the course.


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