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With stories and guided Meditations; discover how to relax, let go, move on, and learn to fly.




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Learn to Fly


Relax, Let Go, Move On, Learn to Fly

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Relax, Let Go, Move on


2. Letting Go

Letting Go with Metta


The Namaste Meditation


A Mental Equilibrium

5. Trust

Increasing Trust


Developing Loving Kindness


7.The Simple Life

Enjoying Contentment



Increasing Patience

Meet Your Teacher

Adam Dacey

Adam Dacey

Meditation Teacher

 Former Buddhist monk with twenty-six years experience of teaching and practicing, and author of four books. Find out more here.

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Learn to Fly – Online Livestream


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Relax, Let Go, Move On,
Learn to Fly
A Meditation Journey

Mindspace+ Course with book
Take a look at what’s in store. Each week corresponds to a chapter from the new book.

Week 1: An Introduction
Relax, Let Go, Move on

Week 2: Learn to Fly
Letting Go with Metta

Week 3: Divine
Learning the Namaste Meditation

Week 4: Balanced
Developing a Mental Equilibrium

Week 5: Trust
Increasing Trust in Ourself and Others

Week 6: Open
Developing an Understanding Based on Loving Kindness

Week 7: The Simple Life
Enjoying a Mind of Contentment

Week 8: Acceptance
Cultivating Patient Acceptance

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Additional information

Mindspace+ Course

Mindspace+ is a learning platform to help you deepen your experience of mindful meditation


Arising in your life


the body and mind

Let Go

of stress, worry, and tension

Move On

from the past


Learn to Fly

through the vast blue sky mind


enjoying each precious moment

Improve Relationships

A growth in loving kindness

live online training

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