1-2-1 with Adam Dacey

Wherever you live in the world you can benefit and enjoy 1-2-1 Mindful Meditation sessions with Adam. An excellent way to deepen your experience and enjoy a personal, tailor-made training. 1-2-1 is your chance to make the training more personal and/or explore deeper themes. Some of the courses that I currently offer are only given on a 1-2-1 basis such as Tonglen and Meditations on Ultimate Truth.

Create your mindspace through training in Mindful Meditation in the comfort of your own home. All you need is an internet connection. Read bio here. See reviews here. The sessions can be taken at a time to suit you.

You are welcome to book one session to get started. However, I recommend taking one of the eight-week courses listed below. Payment for the sessions can be made via bank transfer in full at the beginning of the session, or in two instalments through the course, or if in weekly instalments. I  recommend having a session once a week over an eight-week period to start with.

Each session lasts for one hour and includes:

  • Two 15 Minute Guided Meditations (one at the beginning and one at the end of the session)
  • Listen to relevant instructions on how to progress with Meditation.
  • Discuss the topic of each session.
  • Ask any questions about your practice.
  • Resources to practice at home.
  • Online journal to share thoughts and ask questions.

Please send an email or What’s App (07908950871) to express your interest.
Or schedule a chat here to ask more questions.

Each hour session costs: £45/ $60 / €55 and takes place via Zoom. Following the session you receive the audio recording of the class and the meditations.After completed an 8 week course some practitioners then choose to progress with another series to deepen their experience.


Guide to the Mindful Way of Life
The signature, introductory course – book available

Discover this very powerful and at one time secret meditation practice from the Himalayas of Tibet.
A series of eight meditations that help to reduce negativity in our mind and transform our relationship with the world.

No Self
Learn how things really exist as opposed to how they appear to our confused mind. Explore a series of meditation that help us to completely let go of the causes of suffering in our life.

Maranasati Meditations
Meditations on Death and Impermanence are said to be the most powerful in helping us to move on in our life and find mental freedom.

An Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness.
Great for beginners.

An Introduction to Teaching Mindful Meditation
Need to have completed the above eight-week course before taking this.

A Mindful Life.
Looking in detail at the practice of Mindfulness.

Teaching Children Meditation
Developing the foundations for bringing Meditation to the next generation. Suitable for both teachers, parents and trainee teachers.

Reducing Stress. 
A Stress Management Course helping you to reduce the levels of anxiety and worry in your life.

Meditation in the Workplace
Learn Meditation techniques that help to increase focus and reduce stress in the workplace. This is suitable for those who want to learn the Mindfulness Meditations that are being practiced within some of the largest companies in the world.

An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation.
Designed for those who would like to learn more about Buddhist Meditation.

Meditations on Loving Kindness.
Learn Meditations that help you to develop the Good Heart.

Improving your Meditation Technique.
Designed for those who have already completed an 8 week course and want to take their practice to the next level.

Calm and Relax.
Discover Meditation and Relaxation Techniques that will bring peace into your day.

Sleep Well
Discover how Meditation practices can help to improve your sleep patters.
Experience a deeper more relaxing sleep.

An Introduction to Zen.
Learn Zen Meditations and how its profound philosophy can bring peace into your life.

An Introduction to Tibetan Buddhist Meditation.
Discover how this rich tradition of Meditation can transform your life.

Guide to the Grateful Way of Life
Daily guide to cultivating gratitude (book available)

Guide to the Positive Way of Life
Growing and increasing positivity in our life

Guide to the Peaceful Way of Life
Deepening meditation using Tilopas advice

Build the foundation for a deeper practice

Improving our Relationships
Enhancing our loving kindness practice

Improving Concentration
Meditations to improve our focus

Zen Mindfulness
Minimising the clutter in our mind and life

Developing insight and inner peace

Uplifting the mind and encouraging inner joy

Learning to keep a calm and stable mind

Reducing obstacles, increasing confidence

Meditations to nourish our incredible potential

How to keep a happy, positive mind

Leaving negativity behind & enjoying freedom

Cultivating Emotion Intelligence and Stillness

Calm Abiding
Increasing Focus and Concentration

Find your Zen
Explore the world of Zen Meditation
(book available)

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