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The Art of Patience

Livestreamed on Wednesdays from 17th November for seven weeks. Each week you’ll receive a link that will take you to the web page where you can take the live class. You will also receive audio resources after the class that you can practice during the week.

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Gaining confidence


2. The Benefits

Encouraging ourself



Keeping the Peace


Cutting through confusion

5. Not Retaliating

Letting Go of Resentment


6.Festive Patience

 Holiday Patience Time!

7.A Patient Year

Patience Resolutions

Meet Your Teacher

Adam Dacey

Adam Dacey

Meditation Teacher

 Former Buddhist monk with twenty-seven years experience of teaching and practicing, and author of four books. Find out more here.

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The Art of Patience

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A Seven Week Course
Meditations to Deepen our Experience of Patience



The Art of Patience
Meditations to Cultivate this Essential State of Mind

A Seven Week Mindspace+ Course

Take a look at what’s in store.
Week 1: An Introduction to the Art of Patience
Gaining confidence in engaging in this art of the mind.
Week 2: The Benefits of Patience
Reflecting on the many benefits of patience to encourage ourself to train.
Week 3: The Patience of Acceptance
Learning to keep a peaceful mind when challenges arise.
Week 4: The Patience Definitely Thinking About Wisdom
Turning to wisdom in the middle of difficulties.
Week 5: The Patience of Not Retaliating
Respond with peace and letting go of resentment.
Week 6: Patience through the Festive Season
Moving into a patient world through focused practice.
Week 7: A Patient New Year
Moving into a patient year through focused practice.

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Mindspace+ Course

Mindspace+ is a learning platform to help you deepen your experience of mindful meditation

1 review for The Art of Patience

  1. Anne Manley (verified owner)

    I found this course very beneficial and continue to listen to the resources daily.

    As well as having a deeper understanding that Patience is our biggest form of protection, it also helped me manage to my pain greatly by highlighting just how much of it was fear that I had developed – which was stopping me from progressing & healing more so than the actual injury itself.

    Thank you Adam

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