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Silend Mind Meditation Energy Anomaly

QuestionsCategory: MeditationSilend Mind Meditation Energy Anomaly
Ben Douglas asked 4 years ago

When my mind goes silent in the meditation, pressure starts to build up in my spine and head. It is like a liquid or electrical flow and can be painful. When I relax, and the pressure is releases, as soon as my mind goes silent, it starts again. I have been meditating for many years and have presumed it to be kundalini energy, and had hoped one day the blocks/errorsĀ  or whatever in my system causing this would be resolved…but never has?
I find your silent mind guided meditation excellent and intuitively know you are in that silence…but relaxed. I can get my mind silent, but my body gets tense form the powerful energy that follows….any advice?
I thank you for your kind consideration.