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Clare Pritchard asked 4 years ago

Hi guys.
I qualified as a yoga teacher at the end of last year and started teaching a relax class at a studio in cannock in January. I adore teachings this style of class and i am now confident in delivering the physical practise side of things. Where i lack confidense is guiding people into or through meditation.
Do you guys offer anything that would help me learn more about this and if you dont can you recomend where i could please?

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Mind Space Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Clare,
Thank you for your question. Seen as you are local to our lives classes this is the route for you.

Firstly, come along to a local beginners class and then if you enjoy the series, you can take a mindspace+ course which will give you a thorough grounding in the practices. After this there is then the opportunity to take the mindspacex course which will look at passing on the practices to others.
Hope you can make a session!