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Malvern hills retreat

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Jane clarke asked 4 years ago

Hi, iv booked a space for the Malvern Hills retreat in november, and I was wondering if I will be sent conformation of my booking and directions to the retreat. 
Many thanks, Jane clarke 

1 Answers
Mind Space Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Jane
Many thanks for booking, we send an email to you on the 30th September at 9.16am this is the information that it contained.
Hi Jane
Good to see you have booked one place on the Malvern Retreat in November!
All details of the day can be found here.
Please familiarise yourself very carefully with all the detail in particular the location of the retreat…please note that your SATNAV will not take you to the correct location so it’s essential to locate where the venue is on the map and follow the written instructions.
Best wishes