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Falling asleep when medatating

QuestionsCategory: MeditationFalling asleep when medatating
Paul asked 9 months ago

Hello Adam. I am really enjoying this course but I keep nodding off. I have tried meditating at different times of the day but it makes no difference. I also drink coffee to help me stay awake. I don’t have any issues with sleeping at night.  I prefer the mindful listening  15 min guided 15 min with the gong but I just nod off and jerk awake  when the gong strikes. Can I have my eyes open for all the lessons

1 Answers
Mind Space Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your question, this is a common issue that arises amongst practitioners.

You can try to meditate with your eyes slightly open, ensuring that your posture is upright.

You can even engage in practical activities before your practice such as having a wash, drinking a glass of water, perhaps doing a little exercise, and making sure that your room is well ventilated.

Also try engaging in short meditative exercise to begin with.

Let me know how you progress and I look forward to hearing from you.