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Rod Heppolette asked 1 month ago

My wife has indicated that she would like to attend meditation classes and I would probably like to join her. I think ideally she would have preferred classes during the day time but reading about your course I think it would be perfect for both of us on the Monday evening classes starting January 6th. I would prefer paying for the 8 sessions in one go but am slightly concerned that she may decide she doesn\’t want to go in the evening. I want to print out the details and give it to her as a Birthday present, (her birthday is December 20th. Are you OK with me giving her a printed sheet with the details and once I know she\’s happy with it, booking the classes on line?

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Mind Space Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi Rod,
Many thanks for your question, great idea, that is absolutely fine –  I look forward to hearing from you and hope that your wife agrees!
Best wishes