Tara Meditation – One Payment


Access the livestream Tara Meditation from Saturday 2nd December for six weeks


Upon booking you’ll immediately receive a link to access the livestream each Saturday from December 2nd at 10am via Zoom. Includes six classes, the e-resources, and the New Years Eve Retreat.

Tara Meditation will encourage us to culitvate our active compassion and quick wisdom; essential mental states if we wish to transform and liberate our minds and be of the most benefit to others. The course will also introduce the visualisation of Tara, who is as a female enlightened being (Buddha) and share special mantra recitation practices that can empower of Meditations.

Week 1: An Introduction to Tara Meditation – Discover this powerful training
Week 2: Visualisation and Concentration – Bringing visualisation into our practice
Week 3: Mantra Meditation – Meditating with Taras Mantra to transform our minds
Week 4: Active Compassion – Meditations to guide us through the festive period
Week 5: Quick Wisdom – Swifly recognising the mental pathways to happiness
New Years Eve Meditation Retreat on Sunday 31st December which will include a guided Meditation taking us into 2024 – Happy New Year!
Week 6: A Spiritual Friend – Reflecting on the importance of spirtual friends

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