NOBLE 2 – Discover Buddhas First Teaching (Sunday, May 9th) 


Suitable for all abilities.
Live webstream. Recording available after session.

This booking is for the second session on Sunday May 9th
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You should know true suffering.
You should abandon true origin.
You should attain true cessation.
And you should follow true paths.

Mindspace Mini-Retreats
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Monthly on Sunday mornings (GMT)

Buddhas first teaching – The Four Noble Truths – were given to five disciples at the Deer Park in Sarnath, Northern India. This inspirational teaching help us understand why we have to experience the specific problems, difficulties, and challenges in our life, where they come from, and the steps that we need to follow to reduce and finally eliminate them.

On this retreat you can personally discover how to benefit from applying these teachings and Meditations to your daily life.

This special online retreat series will take place once a month over four months.
Each retreat session will cover one of the four noble truths.
You can take the whole series or attend a session that is of interest to you.
Book for the entire series for £35 or PAYG for £9.99 per session.

Each retreat session is two hours in length and consists of two fifty minute sessions which include a teaching, guided meditation, and discussion. There is a twenty minute tea break in the middle.

Noble 2
Sunday May 9th

You should abandon true origins.

We reflect on the origin of our difficulties, and discover they arise from the causes and conditions we have created in our mind. This insight allows wisdom to arise in our life.

Structure of each session

Session 1:

Introduction with Adam from Mindspace
Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation

Tea Break

Session 2:
Introduction with Adam from Mindspace
Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation



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