Moonlight Meditation – One Payment


Access the livestream Moonlight Meditation from Saturday 27th January for eight weeks


Upon booking you’ll immediately receive a link to access the livestream each Saturday from January 27th at 10am via Zoom. Includes eight classes, the e-resources, and the Half-Day Retreat in Edgbaston.

1: Moonlight Meditation – Cooling and inspiring the mind
2: New Moon – Identifying ours and others’ potential
3: Waxing Moon – Increasing and growing our good qualities
4: Cool Moonlight – Reducing attachment and enjoying inner cool
5: Reflections of a Moon – How our mind reflects the world
6: The Moon Under Water – Exploring reality and finding peace
7: Two Moons – Understanding mere appearance helps to let go
8: The Full Moon – Activating and fulfilling our potential

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