Mindspace+ Harborne


Guide to the Peaceful Way of Life
An eight-week course introducing mindful meditations to bring peace into our mind.

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Starting date, times and location.

Monday 6th January, 6.15pm: Harborne: Kenrick Centre, Mill Farm Rd, B17 0QX

Course Detail

Week 1: Peaceful Mind – How to cultivate peace of mind
Week 2: Peaceful Morning – Starting our day with peace
Week 3: Peaceful Travel – Moving through the day with peace
Week 4: Peaceful Habit – A daily flow of peace in our life
Week 5: Peaceful Problem – Solving problems with peace
Week 6: Peaceful Steps – Bridging our meditation practice
Week 7: Peaceful Thoughts – Encouraging inner peace to flow
Week 8: Peaceful World – Bringing peace to our world