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Audio & Video. Eight-Weeks.



Training in Zen Meditation. On this course we will explore the world of Zen and progress through Adam’s book entitled Find your Inner Zen.
Upon booking you will receive complete access to the entire eight-week course.

Online via audio and video recording.

What will you explore each week? 

Two guided meditations, one talk, a short discussion.

Week 1: Introduction
An Introduction to Zen

Week 2: That Side of the River
You are where you want to be

Week 3: The Rising Sun
Our reason to be happy can be because we’re alive

Week 4: Abiding in the Cloud
A gentle approach, resting without force

Week 5: The Swinging Door
Everything is beautiful. We feel almost as though we are abiding in a dream

Week 6: The Path of Compassion
Bringing compassion to our Meditation

Week 7: Sit Like a Buddha
Just sitting and abiding in the moment

Week 8: The Beginner’s Mind
Seeing each moment as new

Any questions, get in touch.