Mindful Movement


Mindful Movement: How to establish a dynamic mindfulness practice. 7.30-8.30pm – Tuesday 13th October
Upon booking you will receive a link prior to the class to connect to the live meditation studio.



Led by Adam Dacey the founder of Mindspace and the Meditation in Schools Project.

Format of the session:

7.30pm Introduction
7.35pm – Guided Mindful Meditation
7.45pm – Short Talk
7.55pm – Second Guided Meditation
8.05pm – Short Talk
8.15pm – Third Guided Meditation
8.25pm – Conclusion and Questions

Follow up with e-resource sent to you to continue your practice at home.


We are constantly moving. Even when we sit still our mind is moving forward and backwards, side to side, up and down; there is no stopping it. This almost continuous unsettled mind means we find it challenging to settle both physically and mentally. How can we transform this busy movement into mindful activity? To begin with, it can help to slow down our actions so that we can gain an insight into the mindful way. We do not necessarily need to engage in all our activities slowly; however, it can be helpful in the early stages of our training.

Our mind can be so busy thinking and worrying about what we are going to do next that we miss what we are doing, right now. The precious moments of our life can pass us by, as a result of being two or three moments ahead of, or behind, ourselves. When we start to slow down our movement, it is easier to engage in what we are doing mindfully.

We can start with our walking. In many respects, walking is similar to breathing. It is something that we do all the time, yet we are rarely fully aware of the process. When we took our first steps, it was incredible; we were able to immerse in the present moment. Now due to familiarity and busyness, the steps we take can be mechanical, merely taking us to the next job we must do, the next task in our life. With this approach, our body can become just like a machine.

With mindful awareness, our body becomes a vessel for encouraging the growth of mindfulness, and each step we take leads us closer to inner peace. When we walk mindfully, we can watch, observe, breathe, and fully take in the changing world around us.