Mindful: 8 Week Course (without book)


Booking for the entire online Mindful course



An eight-week course exploring how to increase focus and reduce stress through training in Mindful Meditation

Week 1: Mindful Listening: Introduction to mindful meditation.
Week 2: Mindful Body: Learning to live in the moment and increase focus.
Week 3: Mindful Breathing: Discover how to reduce stress and anxiety.
Week 4: Mindful Mind: Develop emotional intelligence and stillness.
Week 5: Mindful Movement: Establishing a dynamic practice.
Week 6: Mindful Eating: A tasty session, using mindful eating exercises.
Week 7: Mindful Sleep: How to fall asleep peacefully and wake up smiling.
Week 8: Mindful Heart: How mindfulness can improve our relationships.


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