Maranasati Sundays | April 24th


Sunday April 23rd – Deepen your Maranasati Meditations

Live webstream. Empower your meditations by engaging in a Maranasati retreat. Maranasati (Mindfulness of impermanence and death) has been encouraged from the time of Buddha to keep our mind focused and to help us prioritise what is important in our life. Discover how to skilfully meditate on this theme, thereby bringing your meditation and practice alive!



Sunday April 24th , 10am-12pm

What happens in each session

Session 1:
Introduction with Adam from Mindspace
Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation

Tea Break

Session 2:
Introduction with Adam from Mindspace
Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation

Conclusion and smile.

A morning of guided meditation, teaching, and discussion on the theme of death and impermanence.
Discover how this subject can transform your meditation practice and life.
Connect with a group where you can discuss openly – what is the elephant within the room of all our lives.
On these Sundays, we learn how to meditate on impermanence and death in a positive manner that leads to an uplifting of the mind – far from the usual ‘that’s a bit morbid’ view of this unpopular subject.
You are welcome to join the session at any time – be prepared to be challenged in a good way!
Buddha said that just as the elephant leaves the deepest footprint in the earth of all animals, so the meditation on death leaves the greatest impression in our mind.



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