Maranasati Meditation – Part 3 |


Live webstream. Empower your meditations by engaging in a Maranasti retreat. Maranasati (Mindfulness of impermanence and death) has been encouraged from the time of Buddha to keep our mind focused and to help us prioritise what is important in our life. Discover how to skilfully meditate on this theme, thereby bringing your meditation and practice alive!

If you haven’t done so already, it is recommended to have taken part one and part two before taking part three. You can do this by booking these two sessions here, before the session. Part one and two will be audio recordings sent to you from the previous live webstream session.



10am -12pm

What happens in each session

Session 1:

Introduction: A brief introduction with Adam from Mindspace
Guided Meditation: Fifteen Minutes
Talk: Ten Minute
Second Guided Meditation: Fifteen Minutes

Tea Break

Session 2:
Introduction:  A brief introduction
First Meditation: Ten Minutes
Talk: Ten Minutes
Second Meditation: Fifteen Minutes

Conclusion and smile. …