Lamrim – Monthly Payment

£10.00 / month for 6 months

A Six Month Online Meditation Retreat


Sunday April 7th:
The Golden Ticket
Appreciating Our Precious Human Life
This session will guide us to appreciate the great value, preciousness, and rarity of this present human life. We’ll inspire ourselves to take the essence of the time we have left to follow the stages of the path and attain full enlightenment within this one short life.

Sunday May 5th
The Play of Impermanence
Death & Impermanence
We’ll reflect on the impermanent nature of our life, how we can become flexible and go with the flow of the changes that occur. Instead of fighting circumstances, we’ll embrace them and use the play of impermanence to our advantage to inspire authentic spiritual change in our life.

Sunday June 2nd
Guarding the Mind
Exploring Past and Future Lives
Understanding the mind and how it has the power to govern where we go and what we experience. A fascinating and thought-inducing session!

Sunday July 7th
Protection from Negativity
Refuge in the Three Jewels
How we can find protection from all negativity within our mind and move forward into an experience of happiness.

Sunday August 4th
Understanding Cause and Effect
Exploring Karma
Appreciate the power that our actions have and how we can empower ourselves and others with a positive mindset.

Sunday September 1st
The Path to Liberation
Identifying the mental pathways that lead to an experience of Nirvana.


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