Interconnected – Sutton Coldfield


Welcome to the new Mindspace+ course.
Starting on Tuesday 24th September for eight weeks.


Live class every Tuesday from the 24th September, 6.15pm-7.15pm for eight weeks.
Recording also available if you can’t make the livestream class and/or would like to review the session.

In-person classes.
Includes eight classes, e-resources and the term retreat in Kings Heath on Saturday October 19th.

A journey of self-discovery and connection, exploring the profound concept of interconnectedness. Discover aspects of interconnectedness, within yourself and the world.

1: An Introduction to Interconnectedness: Discover how everything is connected

2: Interconnectedness Within: Meditation for nurturing harmony of body & mind

3: Interconnectedness with Others : Practices to deepen understanding & empathy

4: Interconnectedness with Nature: Utilising natures power in your Meditations

5: Interconnectedness with the Universe Expanding our awareness, vision & outlook

6: The Illusion of Separateness Staying connected when we’re physically alone

7: Interconnectedness in Daily Life Empowering daily activities with this awareness

8: Pure Connection: Setting intentions to nurture this connection in daily life

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