Guide to the Relaxed Way of Life – Harborne


Welcome to the new Mindspace+ course.
Starting on Wednesday 22nd May for eight weeks.


Live class every Wednesday from the 22nd May 6.15pm-7.15pm for eight weeks.
Recording also available if you can’t make the livestream class and/or would like to review the session.

In-person classes.
Includes eight classes, e-resources and the term retreat in Birmingham on Saturday October 22nd
(livestreamed and recording are available if you cannot make the live-sessions).

Discover how to enjoy a relaxed body and mind and witness firsthand the beneficial and transformative effects of this relaxed state on every part of your life.

Week 1: Introduction to the Relaxed Way of Life

Week 2: The Relaxed Meditator: learning to meditate to bring a relaxed experience each time we practice

Week 3: Enjoying a Relaxed Body: Find meditations that help to relax the stress and pain in the body

Week 4: Cultivating a Relaxed Mind: Engaging in Meditation which help us find inner relaxation

Week 5: Enabling Relaxed Decisions: Exploring how meditation can guide us to making wise decisions

Week 6: Discovering a Relaxed Networks: With a relaxed mind we discover our interconnected network

Week 7: A Relaxed Past & Future: Our relaxed mind helps to let go of the past and look to the future in a relaxed way

Week 8: Creating a Relaxed Life: How to move forward from the course into a relaxed way of life.

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