Guide to the Balanced Way of Life – Sutton Coldfield


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Starting on Tuesday 10th May for eight weeks.


Live class every Tuesday from 10th May at Bishop Vesey Grammar School, 6.15pm-7.15pm for eight weeks.
Recording also available if you can’t make the livestream class and/or would like to review the session.

An inspirational series of Mindful Meditation practices that will encourage harmony and balance in our mind. In-person and livestream classes.. Includes eight classes, e-resources and the term retreat in Edgbaston on Saturday June 4th (livestreamed and recorded if you cannot make it).

Week 1: An Introduction to the Balanced Way of Life
Week 2: Inner Balance – Meditations to bring harmony
Week 3: A Golden Mind – Discovering equanimity
Week 4: Shine On – Balance in our relationships
Week 5: Not So Tight, Not So Loose – Improving Meditation
Week 6: Finding Balance when challenges arise
Week 7: Positive Trails – Establishing pathways in our mind
Week 8: Harmonious Life – Putting meditations into practice


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Mindspace+ Course

Mindspace+ is a learning platform to help you deepen your experience of mindful meditation