Guide to the Balanced Way of Life – Online Livestream


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An inspirational series of Mindful Meditation practices that will encourage harmony and balance in our mind. In-person and livestream classes. Includes eight classes, e-resources and the term retreat in Edgbaston on Saturday June 4th (livestreamed and recorded if you cannot make it).

Classes start from Monday 9th May, 2022 at 6.15pm for eight weeks via the Zoom platform.

Week 1: An Introduction to the Balanced Way of Life
Week 2: Inner Balance – Meditations to bring harmony
Week 3: A Golden Mind – Discovering equanimity
Week 4: Shine On – Balance in our relationships
Week 5: Not So Tight, Not So Loose – Improving Meditation
Week 6: Finding Balance when challenges arise
Week 7: Positive Trails – Establishing pathways in our mind
Week 8: Harmonious Life – Putting meditations into practice


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