Find your Zen – Audio Book


Adams third book is now available to listen to as an audio book.

Although we may not hear news of it, every moment there are many people across our planet engaged in peaceful and positive actions. Through establishing our Zen practice, we confidently become one of them and have a life which will influence and shape a more meaningful world for everyone to enjoy. We sit with an open, compassionate mind. Through being mindful of our posture and mental flow, we enjoy awareness in our daily activities. Being fully present, naturally, the stress, anxiety and worry in our life will pacify and dissolve. As we sit, we wake up to the present moment. Chapter headings in description below.





Enjoy the audio book of Find your Zen. Upon booking you will be sent a link to access the audio files



CHAPTER 1 That Side of the River You’re already there

CHAPTER 2 The Rising Sun We’re happy – because we’re alive

CHAPTER 3 Abiding in the Cloud A gentle approach, resting without force

CHAPTER 4 The Swinging Door Everything is beautiful – we abide in a dream

CHAPTER 5 The Path of Compassion Bringing joy to Meditation

CHAPTER 6 Sit Like a Buddha Just sitting – abiding in luminous space

CHAPTER 7 The Beginner’s Mind Open to the world


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