Deep Mindspace


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Mindspace+ Course

Eight one-hour classes, including teaching and several guided meditations, which you can stream online.

Immediately upon booking you will receive access to the entire audio course.

Deep Mindspace – Joyful Meditations to Understand our World

Week 1: An Introduction
How to deepen our meditation practice

Week 2: The Joy of Meditation
Encouraging joy into our mind

Week 3: A Lighter Mind
Learning to let go of our changing world

Week 4: A Peaceful Understanding
Exploring how to view our world in a peaceful way

Week 5: The Projector Mind
Investigating how our mind creates our world.

Week 6: No Selfie
Understanding our self to free our mind

Week 7: An Ocean of Peace
Discovering deep stillness and relaxation 

Week 8: Inner Liberation
Free ourself from all negativity

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Mindspace+ Course

Mindspace+ is a learning platform to help you deepen your experience of mindful meditation