A Pure Mind – Full Retreat


A Six Month Online Meditation Retreat


Month 1 – Letting Go of Past Negativity
How we purify negativity from our mind using the mantra of purification.

Month 2 – A Pure Intention
Using visualization in meditation to cultivate, develop, and increase a pure mind.

Month 3 – Pure Potential
Moving on from past negativity through purifying the negative actions we’ve engaged in.

Month 4 – A Pure Heart
Strengthening our purification with the supreme intention of compassion.

Month 5- Pure Nature
In deep meditation, once we’ve purified the negativity in our mind, we can begin to connect with our pure nature.

Month 6 – A Pure World
If our mind is pure, our intention will be pure, all our actions will become pure, resulting in us living in a pure world free from negativity.


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