Welcome to One Minute Mindfulness, explore the practices below. Yep, all you need is one minute!



In this series of brief guided practices, we’re learning how to practice mindfulness during our busy day.

If you’re keen to get started with the practices click on a subject below to access the trainings.

This experience empowers and helps us to integrate our practice of mindfulness into our daily life.

Practicing one minute mindfulness doesn’t mean we have an inability to practice longer periods, it is just opening the doorway to helping us integrate our experience.

I teach many live classes, emphasising bringing meditation to absolute beginners. One of the first obstacles for students is thinking that they don’t have time.

When they realise they can practice one minute mindfulness, they start to feel excited and empowered.

It’s possible to gain experience of meditation and mindfulness within our own life.

Of course we can read about it, watch videos, travel to eastern countries, read books, attend retreats…

However experiencing all the benefits come from a daily practice, this arises from establishing a training.  Very gently starting to bring mindfulness into our life.

In this series we’re introducing 10 different guided practices, that you can practice on your mobile & online.  Download and enjoy.

You can be sitting down in a formal setting, on a bus or tram, standing up somewhere, waiting in a queue, walking, waiting.   Be creative, engage in the practices in a variety of locations, places, scenarios and see how you make progress.

These practices are very dynamic, they can be practice in many different areas of your life.

So brief and short – easy to memorise and practice.

The technology is here to get you started.

You will develop an authentic experience inside of you that can benefit you, your friends, family and society.

Learning how to be present is the essence of Mindfulness.  Drawing ourself into the moment.  Recognising our stress is coming from worrying about the future and the past

When we start to engage in meditative practices it can seem quite extreme, having to engage in long practices and subscribe to a particular doctrine or tradition.  With these mindfulness trainings, we’re looking at a practice to naturally bring us into the present moment.

Often we are not here.  We live in a world of multi tasking.  Mindfulness brings us into the present moment.

It’s very rare to be completely present.  These trainings will get you started.

Click on a theme and begin to practice the training.

San Francisco, January 2015