Moonlight Meditation
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Moonlight Meditation

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  • The course includes guided Meditations, teaching, discussion, online resources, with an additional bonus in-person retreat
  • Moonlight Meditation is an inspirational new course of Meditations inspired by the Moon.

  • Within the ancient Meditation texts the Moon is frequently used as an analogy for mental and spiritual development. This course will explore these teachings and provide us with the opportunity to engage in Meditations derived from these texts.


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2. New Moon

Identifying Potential

3.Waxing Moon

Increase & Grow

4.Cool Moonlight

Inner Cool

5. Reflections of a Moon

How Mind Reflects

6.The Moon Under Water

Finding Deep Peace

7. Two Moons

Understanding appearance

8.The Full Moon

Activating our potential

Meet Your Teacher

Adam Dacey

Adam Dacey

Meditation Teacher

 Former Buddhist monk with experience of teaching and practicing Meditation since 1994;  author of five books. Find out more here.

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Cost: You can pay in one payment: £60.00. Or pay over eight weeks, £7.50 each week.
Your course includes audio and video resources and a half-day retreat. 

Moonlight Meditation

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£7.50 / week for 8 weeks


This course will explore Meditations to help us both cool and inspire our mind, and provide us with the opportunity to engage in deep and relaxing Meditation

Upon booking you’ll immediately receive a link to access eight classes, the e-resources, and the Half-Day Retreat.

1: Moonlight Meditation – Cooling and inspiring the mind
2: New Moon – Identifying ours and others’ potential
3: Waxing Moon – Increasing and growing our good qualities
4: Cool Moonlight – Reducing attachment and enjoying inner cool
5: Reflections of a Moon – How our mind reflects the world
6: The Moon Under Water – Exploring reality and finding peace
7: Two Moons – Understanding mere appearance helps to let go
8: The Full Moon – Activating and fulfilling our potential

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