Mindful in Sutton

Eight-Week Beginners Course
Starting Tuesday May 21st, 2024

Tune in on your laptop, tablet or phone. Ensure you are distraction free. Pro Tip – use headphones.


Welcome to the EQ

This course takes place online through live-stream. Each week you will receive a link that will take you to the web page where you can take the live class. You will also receive audio resources after the class that you can practice during the week.

Explore and try the course

Take the entire course or drop-in

Explore the content of the course below. Why not try a ten-minute guided session from each week – gain a taster of the practices. These recordings can also help you to prepare for each session if you join the course.

1. Mindful Listening

Introduction to mindful meditation.

2.Mindful Body

Learning to live in the moment & increase focus.

3.Mindful Breathing

Discover how to reduce stress and anxiety.

4.Mindful Mind

Develop emotional intelligence and stillness

5.Mindful Movement

Establishing a dynamic practice.

6.Mindful Eating

A tasty session, using mindful eating exercises

7.Mindful Sleep

How to fall asleep peacefully & wake up smiling.

8.Mindful Heart

How mindfulness can improve our relationships.

The BOok

Guide to the Mindful
Way of Life

The Guide which goes with this course introduces eight mindful themes which encourage you gently into the present moment. Helping you move away from the stress and anxiety which arise from being preoccupied with the future and past, and empowering you to have an inspirational journey through life.


Arising in your life


Ability to recharge and decompress

Increase Focus

Increase the ability to calmly abide

Reduce Stress

Quickly releasing stress in body & mind

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Stepping back from negative thoughts & emotions

Better Sleep

Enjoy sleeping deeply and calmly

Improve Relationships

A growth in loving kindness

Expert Intsructor

Meet Your Teacher

Adam Dacey

Adam Dacey

Meditation Teacher

 Former Buddhist monk with twenty-five years experience of teaching and practicing, and author of two books. Find out more here.



Every week of the 8 week course was excellent. We have been able to take parts of each week (Eg. The breathing, eating and sleeping etc) and have found it to be beneficial. Feeling calmer each evening after the course.

Jon & Megan

I found it very helpful. Its help me to understand a bit more the mindful of everything. I used to play with mindful meditation in the past, but here I understood that my natural breath doesn’t need to be the same all the time. Very happy with the course and will be back for the advanced one.


“Instructive, calming, easy, and enjoyable. Something of relevance in every session.Looking forward to continue practicing..”

“I love the course, I has made mindfulness much easier to include in my daily life. I have been recommending to family and friends,. I am looking forward o taking the second course and also revisiting the beginners course via the links and book.”

“Amazing bitesize’ format. Very apt for modern life. Very compatible for couples to do it together. ‘Real life’ application has happened on a weekly basis.”

Really useful and relaxing course. I found the mindful eating session the most thought provoking and mindful movement session the most meditative.


“Excellent, came at a time in life for the first time when I felt low, it was identified as “depression”. Because it was so new to me I was amazed how effective it was and I would like to repeat all 8 sessions.”

“Really wonderful to spend an hour a week learning life skills with my husband. This has changed my perspective on so many parts of my life and I’ll continue to do so with my girls. They’ve made us laugh with the mindful eating that we’ve taught them.”

“Techniques especially breathing helped me to calm down and relieve stress in situations Very helpful and relaxing Helped to fall asleep better at nights..”

Booking Detail

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If you wish to attend the entire course choose one of the first two options, if you wish to attend individual classes choose the options starting with Mindful Listening. If you wish to take a live session note the date. The session can also be taken after the live session – you will receive a recording of the session.

Where: Online via a link sent to your email.
When: Every Tuesday starting from Tuesday 21st April at 7.30pm-8.30pm for eight weeks. If you miss the live date, you can join when you are able to and we can send you recordings of the session that you have missed.
Cost: Entire course: £56 (£1.95 booking fee) | with book + £10.99  (free delivery) or download book here on Amazon. Your booking also includes a half day online workshop on Saturday May 30th and audio resources to practice at home. 

Mindful Course – Booking Options



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