Mindspace+ Online


This page is for online training, for live classes please click here. 
Once you have completed an eight-week beginner course, you are eligible to join the Mindspaceprogramme and take your practice to the next level.  Mindspace+ is an extensive training programme, designed to help you gain a deeper, practical experience of mindful meditation. You can take any of the below courses.  You will receive an email each week on Monday morning at 6.00am (GMT) for eight weeks with a link to the resources that you can stream online or download and practice offline.  Please set aside around one-hour each week.  You can take the session at any time to suit yourself. 

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Mindspace+ Courses that you can currently take online.
Each course is eight weeks in length (unless otherwise stated).

Mindspace+ An Introduction: Build the foundation for a deeper practice (Seven Weeks)

Improving Relationships and Loving Kindness:
Practices to enhance our communication and mental peace

Improving Concentration: Meditations to help improve focus

Zen Mindfulness:  Minimising clutter and strengthening our ability to be in the present moment

Wisdom and Mindfulness: Developing insight and inner peace (Six Weeks)

Gratitude: How to uplift the mind and encourage inner joy

Patience:  Learning how to keep a calm and stable mind

Fearless:  Reducing obstacles, increasing confidence

Compassion: Meditations to nourish our incredible potential

Happy: How to keep a happy, positive mind

Freedom:  Leaving negativity behind & enjoying mental freedom

Inner Strength: Cultivating resilience

Guide to the Positive Way of Life: Encourage and grow your positive mental attitude