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Take a break from the stress, worry and anxiety of daily life and learn to live and enjoy the present moment on these popular eight-week courses.

Eight-Week Courses – Livestream via Zoom

Livestream classes via Zoom. Discover easy methods to live in the moment. Enhance focus and concentration while easing stress, worry, and anxiety. Take this opportunity with like-minded individuals to start a journey towards tranquility and embrace a more peaceful existence.

Term dates, week commencing:
Tuesday 21st May for Eight Weeks.
Tiesday 23rd September. for Eight Weeks

Each week explore a different theme

Week 1. Mindful Listening

Introduction to Mindfulness and Improving Attention

Week 2. Mindful Body

Learning to Live in the Moment and Increase Flow

Week 3. Mindful Breathing

Discovering Meditations to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Week 4. Mindful Mind

Developing Emotional Intelligence and Stillness

Week 5. Mindful Movement

Establishing a Flowing Mindfulness Practice

Week 6. Mindful Eating

A Tasty Session, Using Mindful Eating Exercises

Week 7. Mindful Sleep

How to Fall Asleep Peacefully and Wake up with Positivity

Week 8. Mindful Heart

Improving our Relationships with Mindfulness

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Starting on Tuesday May 22nd, 2024, at 7.30pm for eight weeks via Zoom. Book your seat below for the full course with book, the full course without book, or drop in with the PAYG option.

Mindful Livestream


You can book the livestream and a copy of the book sent to your home address below.


Details about the course


The teacher for all the classes is experienced Meditation teacher Adam Dacey. Find out more here.


£60 for the series or £70.99 if you would like to read the course book.

Time & Venue

Using Zoom link from the comfort of your home. 7.30pm-8.30pm.


Includes a retreat in Kings Heath on 15/06/24 from 10-1pm (livestream/watch recording if you cannot make it in-person).

What to Bring & Clothing

Seating is on chairs and no special clothing is required. Bring water or a flask with hot beverage.


If you wish to drop into the course, or try a class you’re welcome and its £10 per session.

Video Resources

Following each class, video resources are sent to your email/WhatsApp to contunue your training online .

Class Content

Each classes consists of two or three guided practices, short presentations and discussion.

Next Steps

Advanced Mindspace+ course available once this series is completed at the same venue, one hour earlier.

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Book here in advance and secure your seat on the next course.


"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and tried to include some of the aspects into my daily life."




"Every time I take one of these courses I feel myself growing as a person, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually."


"I loved it. Found some great analogies that I carry with me and throughout life. Brilliant techniques in the book too."



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