Featured in York Universities, Work-Life Balance Week

Our popular 5 Minute. Meditation featured in York Universities, Work-Life Balance Week.

Click on image to practice the Meditation and see the advice from the Universities HR team on how to strike this important balance.

The Mindful Chocolate Eating Workshop at Warwick University

There’s no other workshop like this! Come along and try for yourself. Suitable for anyone who wishes to reduce stress and increase concentration and focus through learning the Art of Mindfulness. Spend the afternoon tasting chocolate mindfully & learning simple techniques to concentrate, focus the mind & reduce stress.

How Music Can Help Improve Your Study

I remember when I was revising in my bedroom for my GCSE’s I would always have music on. When I needed to really concentrate and think I would simply turn it down so it was more gentle. There are different theories about whether music can help or hinder studies....

How Meditation Can Improve Your Studies

When you first sit down…instead of jumping straight into the task at hand just simply take a few minute to sit and concentrate. Try the Mindfulness of the breath technique where we focus on the sensation of the breathing entering and leaving the body. You can imagine breathing out stress and tension and breathing in peace and calm.