Watch 300 Children Meditating in a school assembly – (Aged 5-16)

Watch a 5 minute guided Meditation led by Adam Dacey in a school in Pushkar, India. This Guided Meditation was led every morning over a 3 week period. The whole school took part at the beginning of the day. Girls aged 5 -16. This video reveals that it’s possible...

Meditation in Schools – Meet Up in Central London

Spend an evening learning about the exciting Meditation in
Schools Project.

Be part of a project that is demystifying Meditation and
bringing peace to the next generation.

Suitable for anyone who wishes to give children of all ages
the opportunity to learn simple Meditation techniques that
will bring peace into their life.

Meditation & School Teachers

The tradition of Meditation is that you only practice when your ready. Nobody can force or push you into Meditation practices.
This is why I say to schools and companies who are interested in introducing Meditation to their students and staff.
It needs to be an activity that they opt into, that they choose to do.

Meditation in Schools Project – Live Workshop

Our next Meditation in Schools Workshop is tomorrow we want to share with you the work that we are accomplishing. We would like to invite you to discover how Meditation is inspiring learners in schools and how you can participate in this inspirational project.

Meditation in Schools Project – Sats test success in London

In 2009 Riverside Primary School in Rotherhithe, South East London, scored a 100 per cent pass rate in Sats tests in English, maths and science after pupils were taught breathing exercises by a teacher before the exams. Taken from the Daily Mail website – read...

Meditation in School Project Motivation

Sometime people think that you need to travel East to discover meditation – this is false. Meditation is a global activity and can be learnt in the classroom where you learn how to read, count and write – if it is made available.