To help you through Covid-19 I am offering a new series of Online Meditation Sessions each lasting for 30 minutes. See the schedule below. You can listen live or watch after the event has taken place here. For future events click on video to set a reminder. You can watch on this page or directly on YouTube. Discover more below. Share this page with loved ones who you feel could also benefit. You can ask questions directly on YouTube next to the video if you have an account. Alternatively you can ask a question here via email and I can address in the session. Format of the session.

  • Welcome
  • Five Minute Guided Meditation
  • Short Talk
  • Fifteen Minute Guided Meditation
  • Conclusion/Questions


Meditate with Adam #12 | Friday 3rd April, 7.30pm (GMT) | 21 Breaths |

Meditate with Adam #13 | Saturday 4th April, 7.30pm (GMT) | 21 Breaths |


Meditate with Adam #11 | Thursday 2nd 1st April, 7.30pm (GMT) | 21 Breaths |

Meditate with Adam #10 | Wedneday 1st April, 7.30pm (GMT) | Healing the World 3 |

Meditate with Adam #9 | Tuesday 31st March, 7.30pm (GMT) | Healing the World 2 |

Meditate with Adam #8 | Monday 30th March, 7.30pm (GMT) | Healing the World |

Meditate with Adam #7 | Sunday 29th March, 7.30pm (GMT) | Healing the Community |

Meditate with Adam #6 | Saturday 28th March, 7.30pm (GMT) | Healing the Body |

Meditate with Adam #5 | Friday 27th March, 7.30pm (GMT) | A Balanced Mind |

Meditate with Adam #4 | Thursday 26th March, 7.30pm (GMT) | Inner Freedom

Meditate with Adam #3 | Wednesday 25th March, 7.30pm | The Power of Retreat

Meditate with Adam #2 | Tuesday 24th March, 7.30pm | Spread Peace, Calm, and Fearlessness

Meditate with Adam #1 | Monday 23rd March | Meditation to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Share these sessions with your friends and family at this time and spread peace, calm, and fearlessness.