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Launches: Saturday December 3rd

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Healing Power

Livestream starting from Saturday 3rd December, for six weeks. 10am GMT. Heal your Body and Mind with Meditation. For the first time on the Mindspace+ programme, explore how to heal your body and mind through the practice of Meditation. Livestreamed to your home, guiding you through the winter, festive and New Year season.

The Meditations’ healing power will come from being motivated by compassion while visualising, Meditating, and reciting the Mantra of Medicine Buddha. Medicine Buddha is an enlightened being who has completely removed all negativity from his mind and works to heal the minds of all living beings without exception. 

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to Healing

2. Healing the Body

Healing Visualisation

3.Healing the Mind

Self Diagnosis

4.Compassion Healing

Christmas Eve Meditation

5. Powerful Healing

New Years Eve Meditation

6.Wisdom Medicine

One Love Meditation

Meet Your Teacher

Adam Dacey

Adam Dacey

Meditation Teacher

 Former Buddhist monk with twenty-seven years experience of teaching and practicing, and author of five books. Find out more here.

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Where: Online
When: Starting Saturday 3rd December, 2022 for six weeks. 10am each Saturday.

Cost: You can pay in one payment: £45.00. Or pay over six weeks, £7.50 for six weeks.
Your course includes a livestream each week, along with audio and video resources to continue your practice at home. 

Healing Power

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From: £7.50

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£7.50 / week for 6 weeks


Upon booking you’ll immediately receive a link to access the course. Includes six classes with audio and video.

Week 1)  Introduction to the Healing Power of Meditation
Week 2)  Healing the Body: Using a Healing Visualisation
Week 3)  Healing the Mind: How to Self Diagnose
Week 4)  A Compassionate Healing Meditation: On Christmas Eve, a Healing Meditation for our community
Week 5)  A Powerful Healing for the New Year: On New Years Eve, motivating ourselves to become enlightened
Week 6)  The Medicine of Wisdom: Learning to Meditate with wisdom to get to the root of our sickness

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Mindspace+ Course

Mindspace+ is a learning platform to help you deepen your experience of mindful meditation

2 reviews for Healing Power

  1. Casey Ryan

    Great course offering insight. I found it helpful knowing I could ‘do’ something to help people, and also when I have been distressed if unwell.

  2. Tim Whiteside

    I found the meditations in this course very helpful in contributing to developing a regular and effective mediation practise. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to other participants in the discussion at the end of each session.

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