For six weeks each Saturday through the summer, enjoy your golden mind! 
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starting on Saturday July 27th

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Your Golden Mind

The six-week course

1. Introduction

Your Golden Mind

2. The Golden Buddha

Visualising & Exploring

3. The Goldsmith

Refining our virtues

4. Abundance

Blessings in our life

5. Golden Glow

Inner Radiance

6. Golden Path

Joyfully progressing

Meet Your Teacher

Adam Dacey

Adam Dacey

Meditation Teacher

 Has been training in Wisdom Meditation since 1994. With many years experience of teaching and engaging in Meditation retreat both in the UK and overseas.
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Where: Livestream via Zoom, with video and audio resources enjoying continual access.
When: Starting Saturday 27th July for six weeks.
Cost: £48.00. 

Your Golden Mind


Welcome to Your Golden Mind


For six weeks each Saturday through the summer, enjoy your golden mind!  The theme of gold is mentioned frequently within the Meditation texts. Just as in the material world, gold holds great value and preciousness, so in our spiritual life, the Meditations that come from Buddha’s teachings are of great value to our happiness and well-being. The Tibetans used to say that when our mind is balanced and peaceful through training in equanimity, our face becomes like gold, each day radiant regardless of what arises; this can be the same for us if we can learn to gently control and transform our mind in Meditation.

Week 1: Your Golden Mind
Recognising and nurturing our inner qualities and potential
Week 2: The Golden Buddha
Visualising and exploring the symbolism of the Golden Buddha
Week 3: The Goldsmith
Refining our virtues and overcoming obstacles
Week 4: An Abundance of Gold
Appreciating the abundance of blessings in our life
Week 5: Golden Glow
Cultivating inner radiance and luminosity
Week 6: The Golden Path
Joyfully following the path to enlightenment

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