I’m delighted to announce that this August marks the ten-year anniversary of our retreats at The Hermitage in Cannock Chase, UK!

As we approach this milestone, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the wonderful attendees over the years and the kindness of John and Christine (the owners of the retreat) without whom this journey wouldn’t have been possible.

The charming location, nestled on the South East tip of Cannock Chase, was the first location Mindspace used for running in-person Meditation retreats. Since that time, there have been approximately seven retreats each year held at this location, exploring themes such as Meditation, Peace, Wisdom, Gratitude, Mindfulness. The schedule of retreats is now confirmed for 2023/24, with the next one being at the end of August (see all the details below).

I value your input! If there’s a specific theme you’d like to explore during our future retreats, please share your suggestions, and I’ll consider incorporating them into the schedule for 2025.

The location of the retreat is conveniently situated for many towns and cities across the Midlands area being well under a one-hour drive. The Hermitage offers a serene atmosphere conducive to inner exploration and growth. Surrounded by lush gardens and a tranquil environment, it’s a perfect haven for your meditation journey

Due to the popularity of these retreats, I recommend securing your spot early to avoid disappointment.

I’m happy to share further information below about this month’s summer retreat and all the Cannock Chase Retreats for the 2023/24 period and there are some wonderful, new, transformative experiences waiting for you.

All retreats are between 10am-4.15pm and consist of four, hour sessions; incorporating teaching, guided meditation, discussion, mindful movement and mindful walking. There is plenty of time between sessions to chat with fellow participants and enjoy the surrounding nature.


Saturday August 26th – Peace
Spend a day discovering the deep inner peace within your mind. Travel beyond the stress, worry and distraction and find out for yourself how the happiness that we all seek arises from the peaceful mind that we can cultivate in Meditation.

Saturday September 30th – Fearless
The mind of fear limits our ability to extract the real meaning of life, it holds us back and creates imaginary scenarios many of which never occur. This day will help us to gently challenge the fear in our mind and move to a mental space of clarity, confidence and spaciousness.

Saturday October 28th – Wisdom
When our mind is alive with wisdom all confusion, doubts and hesitancy dissolve. Wisdom is likened to an inner light which reveals which paths we need to follow to experience peace, happiness, and liberation. Spend a day increasing and cultivating the wisdom within your mind.


January 20th – Buddha Mind
Join us on a inner journey to delve deeper into the wisdom of the enlightened mind and discover how you can tap into your inner potential. Explore the practical aspects of the enlightened mind and unlock a new level of understanding that can positively shape your life.

February 24th – Stillness Within
Embark on a day of exploration as we enjoy the stillness within. Discover how to experience deeper and deeper levels of stillness in both meditation and your daily life. Explore practical techniques and insightful reflections that unveil the inner stillness. Experience the profound fulfilment that arises when you find peace with yourself, your surroundings, and your world.

April 27th – Visualization in Meditation
Experience the transformative power of faith and visualization in your meditation practice. Discover how these powerful tools can ignite your aspirations and propel you towards the realization of your dreams. Witness the incredible impact that combining belief with vivid imagery can have on your personal growth and self-discovery.

May 25th – The Power of Mindfulness
Spend a day dedicated to empowering yourself with the practice of mindfulness. Discover the extraordinary benefits of living in the present moment and cultivate a heightened awareness that can enhance your overall well-being. Experience the peace and clarity that mindfulness brings as you navigate through the joys and challenges of everyday life.

August 31st – Moonlight Meditation
Within the ancient Meditation texts the Moon is frequently used as an analogy for spiritual development. Join this retreat to discover more and be inspired by these teachings to strengthen your Meditation practice. Learn practical techniques and practices that cool the restless waves of the mind, promoting deep relaxation and inner peace. As you relax in the cool moonlight, find solace in the gentle rhythm of your breath and cultivate a profound sense of stillness within.

September 28th – Inner Peace
Discover the profound serenity and contentment that arises from a peaceful mind. Through guided meditations and contemplative exercises, explore the depths of inner peace and unlock the happiness that stems from this experience. Embrace the simple yet profound joy that comes from finding harmony within.

October 26th – Spirituality in Meditation
Immerse yourself in the realm of spiritual meditation and witness the profound effects it can have on your well-being. By incorporating a spiritual dimension into your practice, you’ll empower yourself to make positive changes that radiate throughout all aspects of your life. Embrace the connection between the mind and body as you embark on a journey of inner transformation.

Join us at Cannock Chase Retreats and embark on an empowering journey of Meditation. Each retreat offers practical tools, valuable insights, and a warm, supportive environment to help you unlock your true potential and live a more fulfilled life. Always returning home with greater confidence, more peace in your heart and a relaxed smile on your face!

I look forward to welcoming you to The Hermitage for a journey of inner transformation and meditation.

Wishing you a fulfilling and peaceful month ahead


Further information:
People from all over the UK have traveled to spend a day meditating at this location. The Metro newspaper back in 2017 voted it as one of the ten best retreats in the world! Read the article here.

The venue itself is completely carbon-neutral is part of the the Quiet Garden Trust, it was featured on a BBC documentary about modern pilgrimages here.