Mindspace+ Livestream

Starting: Saturday, July 22nd at 10:00-11am (GMT) for six weeks. Book here.

Keep your Meditation and kind-heart growing over the summer with this new Mindspace+ livestream. Let’s take a look at what we’ll be exploring each week!

Week 1: Introduction to the Kind-Heart
Discover the art of meditating on the kind-heart
Week 2: Meditating with the Kind-Heart Mantra
Unlock the power of reciting a mantra with meditation
Week 3: Guided Meditation on the Kindness of Others
Extend affectionate love and positivity to those around us
Week 4: Connecting with Others in a Special Way
Fostering deeper connections and increasing kindness
Week 5: Cultivating Happiness with the Kind-Heart
Find inspiration to maintain peace in our relationships
Week 6: Embracing a Kind-Hearted Way of Life
Integrating our meditative experience into all activities

This summer enjoy a series of transformative guided-meditations on the kind-heart.

Book here.

With best wishes

Adam Dacey

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