Hello and welcome to the latest newsletter from Mindspace!

I hope this message finds you well and that you’re enjoying the long weekend. As the new Mindspace term gets underway, I’m delighted to share with you the upcoming courses and retreats planned over the next few months.

Please read on to discover how you can cultivate inner peace and happiness with these transformative sessions.

New Mindspace+ Term
This term, we’re exploring the theme of “Surf Life Problems,” which empowers you with wisdom and meditation techniques to tackle life’s challenges. You can participate in the course in-person at a local class in the West Midlands or via livestream from the comfort of your home. Reserve your seat here.

There’s a choice of retreats to help you deepen your meditation practice and enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are the details:

Cannock Chase One Day Retreat:
Don’t Hesitate to Meditate (27th May) – Reconnect with your meditation practice and return home with the intention to integrate meditation into your daily life.

Edgbaston Half Day Retreat:
Surfing Life Problems (3rd June) – The Mindspace term retreat, which is included with the Mindspace+ course.

Lake District Weekend Retreat:
Today it’s Sunny (9th-11th June) – A delightful weekend in the Lakes, cultivating a happy mind in meditation. This retreat is sold out, but you can join the waiting list as places often become available.

Warwick – One Day Retreat:
Guide to the Grateful Way of Life (17th June) – Learn to cultivate a grateful mindset and receive a guidebook to continue your practice over the next two months after the retreat.

Sutton Park – Half Day Retreat: Mindful Nature Retreat (Outside) (20th June) – As the weather warms, we head outside to enjoy meditation in nature (includes walking meditation and requires some level of fitness).

Malvern Silent Retreat: Don’t Hesitate to Meditate (24th June) – The termly silent retreat in the Malvern Hills, where you can deepen your experience of meditation with like-minded individuals.

Mindspace Retreat in Thailand
Later this year, at the end of November, for the second year running, we’re hosting a Mindspace Retreat in Thailand. If you’re interested in attending, we recommend booking your seat and flight soon.

For more information about these retreats, please click here.

I hope to see you soon at one of these events!

Warm regards,
Adam Dacey
Founder, Mindspace