Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds you well and that you are enjoying the benefits of your meditation practice.
After receiving many requests over the past few years, I am delighted to announce the first Mindspace Silent Retreat in London and the first six-month Online Vajrasattva Course.

Silent Retreat in London

The Silent Retreat in London is designed to help you unplug from the busy world and immerse yourself in deep Meditation. The retreat will be held on Saturday, March 18th, in a peaceful location in West London. During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to practice Meditation, as well as listen to Dharma talks. This retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike; based on feedback from previous retreats, I believe it will be a transformative experience for all who attend. Find out more here.

A Pure Mind – Six Month Online Retreat

In addition to the Silent Retreat, I’m very happy to announce the new online Vajrasattva course. This course is designed to help you purify your negative karma and cultivate positive qualities such as compassion, wisdom, and inner peace. Vajrasattva is a powerful practice that can help us overcome our obstacles and transform our minds. The course will consist of live stream classes via Zoom and guided meditations on the first Sunday of each month, from 10 am-12 pm starting in April. Over the course of six months, you can gain a deep experience of this powerful meditation practice. You can enrol in the course here.

I invite you to join these transformative sessions!

With best wishes for the month ahead,
Adam Dacey

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